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PLASTI-CO® Equipment & AICTM Equipment

Divisions of AICTM Acquisitions Company LLC

Combining sales, service and manufacturing to support the North American plastics industry, from our own Plasti-Co® manufactured products to AICTM equipment sales.

Mission Statement

The continuous pursuit of excellence through teamwork, integrity and creativity.

Vision Statement

Creativity and excellence in providing complete customer satisfaction by delivering the highest quality components, machinery and service.


Wayne Limbright – original founder

  • Engineering, design and manufacturing of Feed Screws, Barrels, Screw Tips, Specialty Nozzles addressing general purpose to complex resin plastic processing issues for Injection Molding, Extrusion and Blow Molding.
  • Customer service, engineering and manufacturing working daily with customers from Molders to OEMs (injection, blow & extrusion machinery) across North America.
  • Providing standard products to engineering product solutions to overcome processing issues,  whatever the number of factors relating to resins and the specific processing requirements.

Speak With an Expert at 810.227.2266

Our Sales, Engineering and Customer Service Staff has the expertise and overall combined years of experience in the Plastics Industry for you to rely on.

  • Manufacturing: feed-screws, barrels & other components
  • Capital and Auxiliary Equipment – Sales/ Support/ Service
  • Automation
    • Robots/ Conveyors/ IMM Cell Automation, Assembly Solutions 

We are a unique company offering a value added perspective and synergy to plastics processing solutions from Capital Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment, to Manufacturing the screws, barrels and other products to meet the diverse and specific needs of our Customers.

Our experience gives us the ability to react quickly. Customer Service oriented with our goal to help you maximize your specific needs and to help your plant get-up and running as fast as possible.

We have:

  • Large Inventory
  • Flexible inventory allowing us to meet the needs for multiple press manufactures replacement screw and barrels
  • Large engineering library
  • Ability to reverse engineer from samples if engineering isn’t available for manufacturing.
  • Service to help you with your specific requirements from screws, barrels, machines and more.
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