Plasti-Co Feed Screws for Molding Machines

Plasti-Co® is an industry-leading plastic feed screw provider from general-purpose applications to unique specialty screws. Our wide selection and solutions includes injection molding and extrusion feed screws for your specific need.  From low-shear designs, venting, mixing, up-sizing or down-sizing injection units , or whatever your specific processing requirements, Plasti-Co® can provide the feed screw solution you need.

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Mixing Screws Designed for the Customer’s Needs

Every application is different, and we won’t recommend the same mixing screw for every job. Instead, we work with you to evaluate your unique needs and create a tailored solution.

Our P-3000 is a very versatile mixing screw with 18 different parameters that can be changed to effectively fit your needs, such as section lengths, channels and flight depths, to configure the screw for your application requirements. This mixing screw offers a wide range of versatility and can be used for tasks that require minimal to aggressive mixing or have shear-sensitive materials. The most common usage is color mixing injection molders, where it can offer low shear, high outputs, easy purging, high efficiency and several other benefits. The P-3000 is available in four different offerings based on your mixing application requirements, first-stage minimal, second-stage moderate, third-stage aggressive and fourth stage very aggressive.

From general-purpose screws, to feed screws with a variety of flight designs for specialty applications to boost output and quality and minimize scrap rates to extremely aggressive feed screw requirements,  whatever your need, we can build feeds crews for you.

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Partner With Plasti-Co® for Engineered Feed Screw Designs

Plasti-Co®‘s years of engineering expertise allows us to provide superior components and services to you, our partners. We’ll work with you to find the right feed screw design for your injection molding or extrusion applications. Reach out to us at 800-521-0704 or through our contact form to reach our technical solutions team and provide you a quote today.

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