Plasti-Co® End Caps for Injection Molding

Plasti-Co® high-quality precision end caps for injection molding and extrusion machines play an important role, working in tandem with the nozzle and barrel to deliver material to the mold and eliminate material degradation.  The End Caps require the right combination of features including, strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high polish finish, and proper taper to match the end cap and tip, all to meet the needs of your precise plastics processing applications.

At Plasti-Co®, our expert staff of engineers and manufacturing provide the best value and highest-quality products that has made us become a leader and trusted partner for injection and extrusion end caps in the plastics market.

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We focus on the unique needs of your process, system and applications, as one size does not fit all when it comes to end caps. Whether a standard or a custom design, the Plasti-Co® team will evaluate your specific process and machine requirements, work with you to find the solution to deliver the end cap, that meets your overall needs and materials.  Let our experienced staff take the lead and find your solution, using our expertise and care, used on our entire line of products, to provide you with the highest-quality end caps.

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Partner With Plasti-Co® for Engineered Solutions

At Plasti-Co®, you’ll find expert solutions delivered with your unique setup in mind. Our engineers and technicians know their way around end caps for injection molding and extrusion machine.  Plasti-Co®‘s team can provide you with unmatched levels of individualized service to help you maximize your system and business growth. We can engineer, design and manufacture end caps that:

  • Boost machine efficiency: Minimize downtime due to a broken or worn end caps and ensure that the end cap matches with the other components for a smooth, straightforward, trouble free processing cycles.
  • Save on costs: The costs of replacing end caps every few months from not having the correct engineered end cap can quickly exceed the cost of a precision, correctly matched, long-lasting end cap for each of your applications.  With Plasti-Co® engineering and quality end caps, provide you with better performance, lower scrap rates and helps you maximize your production and greater value from your machine.
  • Improve old equipment: Our engineering, service and manufacturing teams can help you retrofit older machinery and improve your plastic processing.  Whether standard end caps or custom engineered for your equipment, utilizing Plasti-Co® end caps will match your needs and investment.

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