Plastics Processing Equipment and Components

AIC Equipment and Plasti-Co® have been selling plastics processing equipment and manufacturing feed screws, barrels, screw tips, end caps, nozzles, and other components as early as 1974.  We provide high-end engineering solutions combined with exceptional levels of customer service and support. With over 250 years of combined expertise, we know just what it takes to help you maximize your productivity while reducing cost. We represent a wide selection of plastics processing equipment, while also manufacturing and offering a full range of components for all Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Extrusion brands.

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Our Products

We offer high-quality superior products for the plastic industry. Our vast experience and excellent customer service will provide your company with what you need to succeed.

MRO-Maintenance Components :

Plastics Processing Equipment

Plastics manufacturing requires efficient, cost effective and reliable equipment that is available in a wide range of configurations. Whether you want to purchase new equipment to expand your fleet, replace outdated inefficient equipment, repair or upgrade existing machines, we have the equipment and parts to meet your needs.

Available equipment includes the following:

Capital and Auxiliary Equipment Sales/ Support/ Service


  • Robots/ Conveyors/ IMM Cell Automation, Assembly Solutions

Temperature Control

  • Discrete Din Controls/ Standard Mainframe/ Touch PLC/ Cables & Connectors

Injection Molding Machines

We offer High-Performance State of the Art injection molding machines from respected manufacturers. As your trusted injection molding and processing equipment Representative, we offer a wide selection of plastic processing equipment, parts, and service. Our offering provides you with detailed molding options, precision control, and flexibility for your molding process. From new machines to machine repair, we are here to help you, meeting your needs and maximize your productivity.

Auxiliary Injection Units

Our offering of the Highest Quality Secondary Injection units provide molders the ability to capture 2-shot or multi-shot projects while still utilizing your single screw molding machine. We represent a manufacturer that provides a combination of different size units that are cost-efficient, mold or platen mounted Injection Units. These high-quality units provide you with the choices from a secondary shot, multiple shots, or micro injection to meet your most challenging applications and the versatility for machine utilization.

Blow Molding

Blow molding machines and equipment, from extrusion blow, injection blow, and injection stretch blow, allowing for fast creation of hollow shaped parts and bottles. This process can often come at lower costs, with a simple, one-piece design or joining of hollow plastic parts, usually not achievable or at a higher cost in other plastic molding processes. Blow molding machines can provide consistency and efficient production capabilities for your facility. With our components and blow molding equipment repair services, we can help you maximize your productivity.


Extrusion molding equipment can form a wide variety of shapes. If your application calls for long, uniform parts with a continuous variety of lengths and consistent cross-sections, extrusion molding machines can help. We offer components for extrusion molding machine rebuild, repair, or special processing requirements, so you can get back into production to maintain your uptime.

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A Leading Supplier of Plastics Processing Components

Plasti-Co® is a leading plastics processing company providing various components such as barrels, feed screws, screw tips, valves and end caps to support efficient, quality production for many businesses. We have one of the most comprehensive inventories in the industry, from standard and mixing products and special configurations for your various needs. Our options are versatile and specific, so you can feel confident that you will find the right one for your application from a trusted plastics component company.

Partner With Plasti-Co® and AICTM for Your Plastics Processing Needs

Plasti-Co® and AICTM Equipment are proud to be your partners for plastic processing equipment, auxiliary equipment, after-market products, engineered solutions, repairs, and service. With a full suite of products and services, we are a well-rounded company offering a unique perspective and synergy to Plastics Processing Solutions.

Our Services and Experience gives us the ability to react quickly to Your needs. As a Service-oriented company, our goal is to help you with the best solution and to you have Your equipment up and running as fast as possible.


Reach out to our Customer Service team today for more information and to receive a free quote.

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