Frequently Asked Questions

What are your manufacturing hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6 AM to 4 PM


Can You Provide Upsize/downsize to existing screw and barrel?

Yes, application specific, injection pressure limited, contact us for a request


What’s The Difference Between Hot and Cold Runner Molds?

Hot runner molds require an internally heated manifold behind the mold cavity surface for resin flow to the nozzle drops to fill the cavity. Cold runner molds have a flow channel within the cavity surface of the mold for resin flow to the gates on the part.


What is the minimum quantity a customer can order?

$50 minimum order requirement


Can I use 3D Printed Molds for Plastic Injection?

Yes, for metal 3d printing, not resin 3d printing, more for prototype applications


Can I run multiple materials using the same screw?

Injection screws are very material-specific according to their design, please contact us for the best options concerning your project

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