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The screw tip valve is a critical component in injection molding processes. It can affect efficiency, equipment longevity and part quality. Screw tip valves keep the molten plastic from being pushed back onto the feed screw and must fit the needs of your precise injection molding machine. We offer a wide variety and various types of screw tip valves for injection molders, all manufactured and produced with quality materials and expert design practices from Plasti-Co®.

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Multiple Types of Valves for Plastics Processing

Plasti-Co® manufactures multiple styles of screw tip valves and check rings.  There are several different types of screw tip valves available, each one suited for different specific conditions.

Valves Designed to Meet Your Unique Application

Work with the experts at Plasti-Co®.  Your injection molding screw tip valves must meet the unique characteristics of your plastics processing operation.  Technical staff will work with you to evaluate your system requirements and identify the approach that offers the right combination of productivity, efficiency, lifespan, part quality and cost.

Plasti-Co®‘s expert staff is well-versed in developing standardized and custom solutions for each individual and specific application. Because we’re an injection molding screw, barrel and valve manufacturer, we know the ins and outs of screw tip valves and can deliver an excellent fit that meets the requirements that are most important to you.

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Partner With Plasti-Co® for Experience and Expertise

Plasti-Co® your partner in plastic processing.  With our highly skilled and experienced staff, overall combined experiences across a variety of plastic processing segments, all culminates into an exceptional engineering and service partner for you.  As your trusted partner that includes valve and check ring manufacturing.  We’re proud to manufacture a wide range of plastics processing components for injection and extrusion molding and help deliver better results at affordable prices.

To learn more about our screw tip valves for injection, speak to a technical solutions engineer or request a quote, contact us online or by calling us at (800) 521-0704.

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