Auxiliary Equipment for Plastics Processing

While the injection molding or extrusion machines might be the mainstay of your operation, auxiliary equipment can tie everything together. As an auxiliary equipment provider, we can help you with a single requirement to an entire system solution, from the robot, auxiliary injection unit, process controls, bulk equipment, and conveyor belts, everything you need to process and move your resin and parts through your facility to various containers to holding your parts and components.  AICTM Equipment can supply you with all your equipment needs. We offer a wide range of cost-effective, reliable auxiliary equipment from trusted manufacturers to help you maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Experienced Auxiliary Equipment Supplier in Michigan

AICTM Equipment has been involved in the plastics industry since 1974 and offers the expertise and resources to be your trusted plastics auxiliary equipment supplier in Michigan. We offer equipment in the following categories:

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Material Handling Equipment

Whether you need to handle your resin to moving molded parts through your facility, simple to elaborate systems, we have the auxiliary equipment solution.  We have a wide selection of auxiliary equipment from industry-leading manufacturers to help create your system.

Our material handling equipment options include:

  • Blenders, Mixers, Granulators, Dryers
  • Process water systems
  • Silos, Bins, Dry bulk handling components

Whether you need blend or dry your resin, improve your processing water system, to sort, modify or store your materials, we can help you find the right solution. By carefully matching your material handling equipment to your facility’s unique processes and products, we ensure an efficient process that can increase your return on investment and help your operation run like a well-oiled machine.


When it comes to transporting parts and materials from point A to point B, conveyor belts are typically the go-to auxiliary equipment for plastics processing. Conveyors need to be matched to your application. Some conveyors may need to move slowly or have space for airflow to allow parts to cool before reaching the next stage in the process. Other conveyors may require fans or systems to allow a part to dry after painting applications.

Whatever the process requires, let our experts help you find the right conveyor and improve your overall operations. We offer a full range of conveyors.
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Temperature – Heat & Water and Valve Gate Control

An important element for plastics processing is the temperature control system, from heating to cooling.  Our auxiliary equipment offering can help you ensure that the plastic material melts evenly and solidifies appropriately.  This has a wide variance that widely depends on the type of polymer you’re using, the size and shape of your mold, gate control, heat, and water temperature required.

Hot Runner Temperature & Valve Gate Controls:

With our advanced technology multiple Cobra Module with mainframe configurations, our State of the Art Hot Runner Controls Cobra TOUCH Series, to our leading Sequential Valve Gate Controller by S.i.S.e., we have the solution to meet your hot runner and valve gate control requirements.

Temperature Control & Process Chilling:

With precision technology and automatic temperature control, our equipment provides easy operation with unmatched reliability and performance.  Our experts can help you with the most efficient and cost-effective system for your unique operation to develop your optimal process cooling solution and maximize your uptime and productivity.

  • Temperature Controls: a wide range of water and hot oil temperature control units available to suit your injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, or other industrial process needs
  • Process Chilling: pump tanks, blown film coolers, cooling towers, full chilling systems, and more for your needs.


With over 250 years of combined experience, AICTM delivers expertise, field services, and fast lead times to businesses across the plastics processing industry. We partner with you to provide individualized care that aligns with your unique goals in order to implement or upgrade your plastics auxiliary equipment for injection molding or extrusion operations.  Every system is different, and our engineers and representatives use their years of industry knowledge to supply your company with the right equipment.
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