“P-2000-R” 4-Piece/High Abrasion

“P-2000-R” 4-Piece

“P-2000” General Purpose- 4-Piece / Free Floating Check Ring / High Abrasion

The design offers excellent wear resistance on the main replaceable wear components – the ring, wear seat and rear seat. These are combined with an extremely high tensile strength retainer (stud) to withstand shock or rigors of improper starting.

The geometry of the wear seat, using three large high flow material paths cut at gentle angles which blend into the retainer, provides greater and more streamlined flow than similar 4-piece designs. The check ring’s reversing internal taper design improves shot control by creating resistance to back flow and capturing added pressure forward of the valve. 


“P-2000-R” General-Purpose- 4-Piece /High Abrasion:
Designed with generous flow volumes and direct, highly polished flow paths, this valve provides very little pressure drop. Providing fast screw recovery rates, it’s easy and fast purging for material and color changes.
Materials:The key wear components are manufactured from high quality tool steels containing very high levels of the carbide forming element, Vanadium, which is one of the hardest and most wear resistant carbides. The retainer (stud) is manufactured from 17- 4PH stainless steel and is standard on ring sizes of 2.50” (65mm) or less and optionally offered on larger sizes. Larger sizes are manufactured from pre- heat-treated 4150 alloy steel. These materials have tensile strengths greater than 185,000 PSI, which is up to two times greater than materials commonly used on 3-piece design valves. This provides excellent torsional strength to absorb twisting and bending forces that can cause stud breakage.
Recommended Applications: This design provides real value for larger size machines and applications using very low viscosity polymers, which will benefit from improved shot control.
LimitationsThis design will not perform well with very high viscosity polymers in terms of flow. It also may not perform well on applications requiring high to moderate screw speeds, or utilize greater than 75% of the injection capacity. The abrasive action of the ring-to-wear seat contact at fast or prolonged use will generate heat that may anneal the hardness of the tool steel.

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