7 Industries That Use Plastic Injection Molding

September 20, 2021 | aic

Injection molding is one of the best manufacturing processes available to companies in various industries. Companies regularly use plastic injection molding to mass-produce products, employing the mold to easily replicate an item thousands of times. The injection molding process comes with several advantages, like efficiency, injection speed, customizability and affordability, separating it from other molding and casting methods.

To see if plastic injection molding is right for your company, learn more about seven industries relying on injection molding and the main reasons many companies use this process.

7 Industries Using Injection Molding

You can find several different industries employing the injection molding process to produce everything from toys and beverage containers to medical devices and fiber optic cable attachments. Since those in the injection molding machine industry can adjust molds to meet various companies’ needs, you’ll find injection molding used for diverse applications. Some of the primary industries using injection molding include the pharmaceutical, telecommunications, transportation, consumer products and medical sectors.

Discover more about the seven main industries benefiting from injection molding below:

1. Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry relies on injection molding for various purposes. You can find injection molding in pharma being used to craft many plastic products, such as eyedroppers and syringes. Since this industry needs products to meet high standards for sterilization, quality and uniformity, plastic injection molding is ideal. Any injection molding product can be manufactured to meet industry and governmental standards.

2. Medical

Due to the many medical devices healthcare professionals need to give the best care possible, injection molding is indispensable to the medical industry. Companies use injection molding in medical devices to produce diagnostic test kits, device packaging, surgical prep products, stethoscope parts, x-ray components and medical research tools. Those in the medical industry rely on injection molding to ensure their devices are manufactured to the highest quality standards possible.

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3. Telecommunications

The telecommunications industry utilizes tons of fiber optic cables to transmit data and information throughout the world. Since these cables need specialized plastic adapters and parts to function, injection molding is crucial to this industry. Many injection molding manufacturers supply telecommunications companies with plastic attachments, adapters and other parts to ensure the ever-growing telecommunications industry can supply customers with fiber-optic connectivity.

4. Food and Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers benefit greatly from plastics processing industries and injection molding. Any products made to process or store foods must meet high Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Injection molding allows food and beverage companies to meet these standards by producing products with food-grade materials and plastics, like those that are BPA-free and non-toxic. You can often find companies in this industry using injection molding for manufacturing processing equipment, conveyor systems and beverage filter components and for crafting containers and beverage overcaps.

5. Consumer Products

One of the main uses for injection molding is to make consumer products. For example, toy companies use injection molding to create identical plastic products featuring the durability, versatility and cleanability children’s toys need. Other companies use injection molding machines to craft household items, electronic devices and automotive parts. Injection molding is attractive to those in the consumer goods industry, as it can produce items with specialized textures, detailed designs and flowing lines.

6. Transportation

In the transportation industry, plastic injection molding is crucial. Injection molding manufacturers provide transportation companies with products and parts, like aspirators, semi-truck handles, brake pads and body panels. Due to the rise of online shopping, the transportation industry is growing and needs more high-quality and easily reproducible products. Injection molding is critical for producing these items.

7. Building and Construction

The building and construction industry employs injection molding to craft parts and tools they need for their everyday work. Since plastic injection molding can craft durable, stable, lightweight, reliable and cost-effective items, it’s valuable to companies needing products with all these features. Injection molding also allows companies to customize products for specific applications. You can find many construction companies utilizing injection molded fasteners, accessories and hand tools.

Why Use Injection Molding?

Injection molding is used in so many industries because it provides several advantages over other casting methods. Use this process for your operations to enjoy these benefits of injection molding:

  • Efficient production: Injection molding machines generate a minimal amount of waste, helping to process raw materials efficiently. The limited amount of waste can also be recycled, as companies can often place it back into a machine when they manufacture other parts. Injection molding machines’ efficiency helps companies reduce costs that come with material waste. Additionally, the replicability and accuracy of injection molding reduce the number of faulty products a company manufactures.
  • Strong construction: The plastic injection molding process makes it possible for companies to add fillers and additives to molded products. These additions can make products stronger, helping companies produce more durable and long-lasting items.
  • Customizable molds: When companies use injection molding, they can customize the entire production process. They can swap out materials and colors to craft items perfectly meeting their branding and functional requirements.
  • Fast manufacturing: A major benefit of crafting products with injection molding is the speed of the process. Injection molding allows companies to craft products in only a few seconds, increasing their overall productivity. By speeding up part production via injection molding, a company can devote labor to other business procedures and see greater profits.
  • Cost-effective processes: Another advantage of injection molding is how cost-effective it is. You can automate much of the injection molding process, and injection molding machines require little supervision and oversight. This automation reduces labor costs and allows companies to produce products and parts faster.
  • Attractive products: Many companies love how injection molded products look as soon as they come out of the mold. Other casting methods create products that need extensive finishing, lengthening production as a result. When a product comes out of a plastic injection mold, it may still need some aesthetic finishing, but it’s ready for use and already attractive.

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