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As a Nissei representative in Michigan, we have a vast knowledge of Nissei machines. With over 70 years of specializing in injection molding and innovation, Nissei provides a range of products to fit any job.

History of Nissei

Founded in 1947, Nissei has created innovative machines for various industries. Soon after their inception, they began perfecting their molding machines, with the DC Series injection molding machines designed for two-color products.

Nissei also revolutionized the hydraulic machine market with their exclusive X-Pump Technology, which culminated in hydraulic expertise and servomotor drive technologies. Nissei has continued to improve these products to create even more state-of-the-art machines, bringing the company to its current offerings.

Types of Nissei Molding Machines

Nissei carries various high-quality molding machines to meet their consumers’ needs, including the Nissei blow molding and plastics machines. The wide selection of their molding series equipment ensures Nissei plastics machines can handle any job.

Horizontal Hybrid

The four Nissei molding machines featured in the Horizontal Hybrid series come in a range of sizes — from small, compact, midsize and large — to suit every project. The Horizontal Hybrid series also contains Nissei’s signature X-Pump Technology and a direct-pressure clamping system to balance hydraulic control and servomotor technology, resulting in dramatic energy savings.

Horizontal All-Electric

The machines featured in the Nissei Horizontal All-Electric Series have become some of their best-selling devices, as this equipment has been continually updated and reborn. These machines contain a linear pressure toggle and TACT® IV Controller equipped with an LCD screen for improved functions and operability. The equipment in this series also comes in two sizes for larger and more intricate projects.

Vertical Series

Nissei injection molding machines in the Vertical Series have various features for optimal performance across multiple projects. The various sizes include different types, such as compact precision, single-stage and turntable.

In addition to the previous features, “a new clamping mechanism has allowed the company to make a 220-ton machine and a brand new 300-ton machine with heights that are about 10% lower than conventional machines,” according to Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing. This clamping mechanism enables easier maintenance and mold installations.

Special Machines

The Special Machines Series from Nissei contains two horizontal molding machines to suit different project needs. The two-piston mold clamping system and double flat clamp provide an optimal clamping force on both sides of the mold. Both devices feature the TACT® IV Controller for ideal functions and easy operability.

Why Partner With AIC Equipment?

AIC Equipment has a team of sales, engineering and customer service staff with extensive backgrounds and knowledge of the plastics industry. Since 1974, AIC has provided various types of services and support, such as:


  • Working directory with customers regarding new machine sales and installations.
  • Providing customers with design and size reduction solutions.
  • Installing plant-wide cooling systems and water treatment equipment.

Additionally, as a Nissei Distributor in Michigan, we have a vast knowledge of Nissei products that could improve your experience and provide additional insight.

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