Nissei was Founded in 1947 (Nissei America established in 1977 in Anaheim, CA) and has been innovating the industry ever since. Nisse is responsible for one of the first injection molding machines in 1955. In the 1960’s they developed The rotary ram-type in-line screw injection mechanism, one of the most important Nissei patented mechanisms still widely used throughout the world today. The DC Series injection molding machine was developed and designed exclusively for two-color products. In 1983 they developed the world’s first electric servomotor driven injection molding machine. In 2005 Nissei released the exclusive X-Pump Technology which has revolutionized the Hydraulic Machine market. The X-Pump System combines years of accumulated expertise in hydraulic and state-of-the-art servomotor drive technologies. These developments have continued to be improved upon over the years bringing Nissei to their current product offerings.


Nissei rolls out compact hybrid vertical injection molding machines

“A new clamping mechanism has allowed the company to make a 220-ton machine and a brand-new 300-ton machine with heights that are about 10 percent lower than conventional machines”  Click to LEARN MORE


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