Cobra Touch is a state-of-the-art hot runner temperature controller.


  • Easy to Read Touch Screen
  • Optional Remote Mount available for Screen
  • Small Footprint, Compact Mainframes
  • Cables, Heater Power and Thermocouple
  • Wiring Junction Boxes
  • High Quality Versatile Cart and Transformer
  • Standard 7″ Screen with units under 48 zones
  • 48 zones and higher utilize a 10″ screen


  • Phase Angle Fired Output Offers Enhanced Heater and Fuse Life
  • Adjustable Soft-Start Protects Manifolds, Less Down Time
  • Four Operating Modes: Auto Mode (PID), Enhanced Auto Mode (Fuzzy PIDD), Manual and Standby
  • Easy to Read Display Touch Display
    • Independent Process Temperature & Set-Point
    • Load Current Amps
    • Percentage of Output
    • Cold Junction
  • Adaptive “Full Time” Auto-Tune, Ability to Manage Mass of Any Mold
  • Rugged Construction
    • Anti-Vibration Mounting of Semiconductor
    • Thru-Panel On/Off Circuit Breaker Switch
    • Highest Quality Electronics

Specification Download Sheets: Cobra TOUCH Brochure

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