Cobra XLT-15 Series Module is one of the most technically advanced temperature controls available, using state-of-the-art microprocessor-based circuitry to perform all required PID functions. Units have built-in diagnostics and are fully self-tuning.


  • Mainframes
  • State-of-art temperature control
  • Cables – Heater power and thermocouple
  • Wiring junction boxes
  • High quality mobile cart transformer


  • Compatible with most all controls systems.
  • Phase angle fired output offers enhanced heater and fuse life.
  • Adjustable soft-start protects manifolds, less down time.
  • One button operation: Auto Mode, Manual, Standby.
  • Easy to read display with one button operation
    • Independent process temperature and set-point
    • Load current Amps
    • Percentage of output
    • Cold junction.
  • Adaptive “Full Time” auto-tune manages mass of any mold.
  • Rugged construction provides
    • Sealed positive click buttons, easy to clean
    • Anti-vibration mounting of semiconductor
    • Heavy duty On/Off switch
    • Highest quality electronics.

Specification Download Sheets: Cobra XLT Brochure

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